Value of Video: Shifting Consumer Dollars analyzes the impact of alternative video platforms and distribution methods on consumption patterns and traditional pay-TV services. It identifies the service and content combinations consumers are seeking in light of these changes and the ways consumers want tablets, mobile phones, and laptops to complement their video consumption habits.

  • Roles of iPads/tablets/smartphones in video consumption
  • Video consumption trends by platform and content source
  • Impact Netflix and OTT video are having on pay-TV subscriptions
  • Role of tablet/smartphone apps in video consumption
  • Service provider strategies for defending against alternative providers
  • Demand for multiscreen services
  • Consumer interest in additional/integrated entertainment services
  • Potential for direct-to-consumer content distribution
  • Connected CE devices and video consumption
  • Consumer desire for cloud media
  • Use of companion devices to enhance video consumption experience
  • Methods of content discovery and EPG satisfaction

Market Impact of New Platforms and Services

  • iPads/Tablets
  • Multiscreen Services
  • Netflix, Redbox, and YouTube
  • Connected CE Devices
  • Smartphones
  • Over-the-top Video
  • Cloud Media
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