Untapped Consumer Opportunities for Mobile Services examines consumer demand for new mobile activities for on-the-go entertainment, communication, and commerce. It also highlights revenue opportunities for the variety of industry players rushing into this growing market, seeking to provide consumers with branded consumer experiences.

  • Adoption patterns for new mobile services in messaging, multimedia, games, commerce, social networking, and location-based services
  • Satisfaction with current services and demand for new/improved services
  • Consumer decision process in selecting particular platforms, activities, services, and brands
  • The impact of voice recognition on mobile usage patterns and emerging services
  • Mobile app usage including downloads, expenditure on premium apps, and click-through activities for mobile ads
  • Behaviors when purchasing mobile phones and tablets, checkout experiences, and preferences for wallet/payment options
  • Usage patterns and preferences for mobile website vs. mobile apps
  • Impact of mobile data plan pricing and features on usage patterns and consumer demand
  • Mobile ad effectiveness and advertising business models
  • Expectations for mobile cloud experiences and security/reliability concerns
  • Mobile apps for digital home services

This Research Benefits...

App Store Operators
Mobile/CE Device Makers
Software Application Developers
Content Publishers & Distributors
Mobile Service Providers
Merchants and Brands
Ad Networks and Agencies
Any Company interested in Mobile Business

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