The Next Service Provider Race: IP Monitoring, Access, & Controls measures and analyzes interest in IP home services and features for IP-based services, including home monitoring and access control services, energy management and monitoring, digital health services, and home controls.

This project measures and analyzes consumers’ familiarity with IP or connected home services as well as their interest in these services and their features.

  • Likes and dislikes about core service features in security and safety, energy, health, and home control, plus the additional fees they are willing to pay
  • Inhibitors and catalysts for different service combinations
  • Bundle rankings based on consumer selections across categories
  • Segmentations of broadband households based on their interest in one or more IP services, attitudes, and current CE ownership & service subscriptions
  • Three-year forecasts for subscriptions and revenues, based on consumer data and industry knowledge, across multiple IP bundle configurations
  • Current consumer activities pertinent to IP services (e.g., hours spent and activities on smartphones and PCs)
  • Concept testing for IP services to determine optimal service bundles, identify likely early adopters, and assess impact of program conditions (e.g., installation time, contract requirements, hardware costs)

IP-based services can also connect consumers so that they can access their home services on smartphones, tablets, PCs, or any IP-connected device both in and outside the home. The net effect is to provide the consumer with more options for when and where information and alerts are delivered. Concurrently, the service provider has new ways to monetize its IP backbone and deepen relationships with subscribers.

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