IP Home Services for European Households is a multicountry consumer survey that determines the IP home services and features in highest demand, preferred providers (and ideal partners) for specific service suites, and optimal pricing models.

Service providers throughout Europe are looking to add value to broadband services in order to increase revenues and extend their subscriber relationships. Top options include video, home management, and tech support services, but finding the correct service combinations and attracting consumers have been challenges. For example, usage and awareness of TV Everywhere services have been fairly low among Western European households, diminishing their efficacy in combating OTT.

IP Home Management Services: Home Controls & Energy Management

  • Appeal of home control and monitoring services
  • Willingness to pay for services and appeal of bundling vs. stand-alone offerings
  • Value propositions for home services
  • Consumer preferences for services from energy utility, cable, telco, mobile, and security providers
  • Preferred interfaces (smartphone, touch panel, TV,  PC, tablet)

Value-added Video Services

  • Appeal of advanced video features, including churn potential and willingness to pay
  • Use of free and paid on-demand services
  • Evaluation of on-demand services from broadcasters / pay-TV providers
  • Obstacles to using / paying for on-demand services
  • Interest in alternate video services (subscription OTT, bundled on-demand)
  • First video services considered when looking for video content

Premium Technical Support Services

  • Frequency with which consumers seek help for technical problems
  • Likelihood of paying for tech support services
  • Common sources of assistance
  • The most appealing business models for support services
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