Digital Video: Three Screens and Beyond is a consumer research study focused on adoption and ARPU for three-screen (TV/PC/cell phone) subscription video packages, including single-play services, bundled packages, and stand-alone, OTT services. The project also examines the market potential for music, gaming, photos, and information as three-screen value-added services, stand-alone services, and/or as part of a bundled package.

The foundation of this analysis is current use of PC and mobile phone video, identifying where, what, and why consumers currently watch video on these platforms, how often, and at what expense.

Current Use of Three-Screen Video Services


Video sources (iTunes, Hulu, etc.)


  • Home, while traveling, at the office, etc.


  • New vs. catalog content
  • TV programs, movies, sports
  • Full-length vs. short video

Content preferences for each platform

Viewing habits and reasons for watching:

  • Deliberate, premeditated viewing
  • Time-killing, less discriminate viewing
  • Catch-up viewing of content
  • Cost avoidance, i.e., online is cheaper
  • Incidental viewing prompted by recommendations and convenience

Quantifying the Demand for Three-Screen Video Services

Willingness to…

  • Pay additional monthly fees for package offering live TV and VOD
  • Switch providers to get three-screen video services (at no additional cost)
  • Subscribe to an independent, stand-alone, OTT, three-screen video service

Likelihood of OTT services cannibalizing pay TV

Current use of Three-Screen Multimedia Services

  • Music
  • Photos
  • Gaming
  • Information

Quantifying the Demand for Three-Screen Multimedia Services

Willingness to…

  • Pay additional monthly fees for multimedia VAS
  • Subscribe to independent,
  • stand-alone multimedia services
  • Switch providers to get three-screen multimedia VAS (at no additional cost)
  • Pay higher monthly fees for a bundled package including both three-screen video and multimedia services
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