This primary consumer survey provides a quantitative assessment of the current use of mobile devices (smartphone, feature phone, e-Reader, netbook, tablet, laptop) as well as future trends that could redefine or enhance their role in the digital lifestyle.

It evaluates current consumer usage and attitudes regarding mobile devices and tests emerging applications in communication, information access, digital media, and shopping.

Current Mobile Device Ownership and Services

  • Ownership of mobile devices and usage patterns
  • Current service plans and data services (both subscription and a la carte)
  • Satisfaction with devices, services, and support
  • Motivations to replace devices or switch providers; retail shopping preferences; price expectations

Mobile Data Usage

  • Frequency and time spent on mobile Internet; list of most popular non-voice activities
  • Mobile usage on Wi-Fi versus 3G network, home & on-the-go
  • Mobile data consumption; desire for bigger data allowance; desire for smartphone tethering; price expectations
  • Access choices for apps: on-deck, off-deck, in a browser

Mobile App Usage

  • Types and number of apps on phone and/or tablet; time and money spent on app purchases
  • Frequency of app usage and deletion; most frequently used versus idled
  • Frustrations and usage barriers with current app shopping/discovery experience
  • Discovery process; sources of information; level of trust/satisfaction with specific types of apps
  • Success of the freemium model and frequency of in-app purchases, including ad exposure and preferences

Mobile Premium Content Consumption

  • Consumption of paid premium content; interest in accessing these services, including expectations for user experience
  • Mobile activities in social networking
  • Usage of premium location-based or check-in services
  • Appeal of mobile content locker concept
  • Desire and preferred pricing models for accessing premium content from mobile carriers, app stores, and retail brands

Mobile Phone as e-Wallet/Payment Platform

  • Usage for online banking, money transfer, and shopping
  • Interest in using mobile phone as a credit card at retail shops and an e-Wallet to store virtual credit cards and retail coupons
  • New shopping habits: comparison shopping (e.g., barcode scanning), mobile couponing (e.g., daily deals or LBS), group shopping (e.g., Groupon), bidding/auctioning, etc.
  • Gating factors for mobile shopping and payment: brand trust, security, opt-in, battery life, etc.

Mobile Devices as a Home CE Companion

  • Usage to access to pay-TV content (broadcast, VOD, DVR) and home media library/home cloud
  • Interest in accessing pay content and home media via mobile devices
  • Interest in other home media use/services such as DVR programming, remote control, and home surveillance
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