Connected CE Tracker provides time-series tracking data on actual and intended purchase behavior as well as the factors influencing these actions for the following product categories:

  • Connected TVs
  • Connected game consoles
  • Connected Blu-ray players
  • Networked audio products
  • Networked digital video players
  • Connected digital photo frames

Key Research Benefits

  • Buying process, actions, research, and rationale

  • Primary location(s) of connected CE in household

  • Tracking other purchases and their influence on connected CE adoption

  • Quantifying the overlap in connected device ownership and decision-making process

  • Applications for connected devices

  • Consumer segments and preferences toward one device versus another

  • Key features that differentiated the brands

  • Role of in-store demos, salesperson explanations, online demos, and other information

  • Previous experience with connected CE products

The Connected CE Tracker leverages data from Consumer Decision Process (CDP) to provide time-series tracking information and analysis. CDP is an ongoing research service that identifies critical factors in the consumer buying process and aids manufacturers and retailers in creating effective marketing plans.

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