New Trends in Digital Delivery and CDNs

This report analyzes trends in consumption, solutions, technology, competition, and monetization that affect the business of content delivery. The report outlines the key elements of the online video value chain and how recent trends are impacting the industry. The report also provides insight into current trends in analytics and how those trends are affecting business models and service delivery. The report concludes with a forecast for CDN industry revenue growth through 2018 and the future outlook for the content delivery market.

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of the Report

1.2 Data Sources

2.0   Drivers for CDN Use

2.1 Consumers’ Growing Appetite for Online Video

2.2 Online Video’s Current Impact on Bandwidth Consumption

2.3 Online Video’s Future Impact on Bandwidth Consumption

3.0   The Online Video Delivery Value Chain

3.1 Content Production

3.2 Encoding and Transcoding Video Files

3.3 Content Management Components

3.4 Content Distribution

3.5 Audience Measurement

3.6 Content Monetization

4.0   CDN Overview and Trends

4.1 Third-party (Public) CDNs

4.2 Operator-deployed (“Private”) CDNs

4.3 Improving Content Delivery

4.3.1    Dynamic Packaging / Transmuxing

4.3.2    Transparent Caching

4.3.3    Load Balancing

5.0   Analytics and Content Delivery

6.0   Forecasts

7.0   Implications & Recommendations

8.0   Appendix

8.1 Glossary

8.2 Index

Use of Device for Video (2010-2013)
Weekly Hours Spent Watching Video on Devices (2010-2013)
OTT Service Subscriptions
Real-time Entertainment Sources’ Share of Peak Traffic on N.A. Networks, 2H 2013
Netflix and Hulu Plus Streaming Video Subscribers
Consumer Internet Traffic: 2011-2017
Consumer Internet Traffic, by Type: 2012-2017
Consumer Internet Video and Internet Video to the TV: 2012-2017
Online Video Delivery Value Chain
Transcoding Use Case: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Common ABR Solutions Used Today
Elements of Online Video Content and Ad Management
Third-party CDNs and Notable Video Delivery Features
Comparison between Third-party CDNs and Operator CDNs
Notable Operator-deployed CDNs
Solutions Focused on Transparent Caching
Examples of Analytics Gathered by Selected OVPs
Major Third-party Providers of Online Video Analytics
CDN Revenues for Online Video Delivery: Forecast Methodology
Online Video Consumption, per Month
Percentage of Online Video Carried Over CDNs
Annual Transit Revenues: CDN Delivery of Online Video

Publish Date: 1Q 2014

Pages: 49

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

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