Wellness and Health Innovation have partnered with Scottish Development International to develop a focused outward mission to USA

by Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein | Mar. 28, 2011

The mission will take place from May 1-5, 2011 and follow up from the inward mission . The objective of this mission will be to enable Scottish small-to-medium enterprises to judge whether their technology or product would have traction in USA and to establish initial contacts in this market sector whilst increasing their knowledge and understanding of this market sector.

The Wellness & Health Innovation project will be joined by 5 Scottish companies and 1 Scottish University – they will have an exhibition booth looking to raise awareness of the project and speak to potential partners!

Wellness and Health Innovation LogoEmotional Science
Offers a variety of solutions to organisations seeking to better manage the impact of emotion by utilising a range of tools and techniques.

Designs ubiquitous healthcare platforms from wireless bio-sensors to software applications.

Dan Medical
Produces and supplies state of the art computer based electronic, paperless medical diagnostic and monitoring systems.

Focus on tailored end to end solutions for cloud based medical data network management.

Transfers ready to market healthcare technologies to Asia from anywhere in the world.

Glasgow Caledonian University (eMotion)
Developed a number of emotionally engaging camera-based telecare solutions to produce rich virtualisation of medical data.

If you are attending the ATA event, please visit Booth (Scottish Development International) #825.

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