Wake Up My Phone? It’s Asleep?

by Parks Associates | Sep. 30, 2008

Mobile phones in my world are used in place of watches, for text messaging, playing games when bored in line, taking pictures when I don’t have a real camera with me, a little video taping (Is it still called that without any tapes involved?), and get this – making calls. SanDisk is saving me, however. Apparently, my phone is not living up to its potential. SanDisk has the Wake Up Your Phone ™ initiative to educate consumers on adding memory to their mobile phones through the memory slots. Previously they had 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB memory cards available for mobile phones. This week they just released a 16GB microSDHC™ and a 16GB Memory Stick Micro (M2)®. These tiny cards are giants of storage, making the phone’s transition to a music warehouse, portable office or mini movie theater easy. They can hold an estimated 88 hours of video, 4000 songs, or 54,400 pictures. This new size will be available at Best Buy Mobile stores in October and in Verizon Wireless stores in November. With the ringtone creator application and downloads available on their website, I am going to have to wake up my phone and fill my memory slot!

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