IGA Worldwide Signs Activision

by Parks Associates | Sep. 30, 2008

IGA is now the exclusive partner for the world's two biggest game publishers on the Playstation3 platform. A couple of months after announcing a multi-year exlusive deal with EA on the PS3 platform, IGA did it again today by adding Activision. Now it is well positioned in the console in-game advertising space against Massive (Microsoft). Advertisers interested in running ads in some of the most popular games can deal with just two companies, Massive on the Xbox 360 platform and IGA on the PS3 platform. Both companies also address the PC platform as well. The upside potential for PS3 as an ad platform is great. Our forecast shows that the connected base of PS3 will eventually surpass that of Xbox 360 in the next five years. Although Playstation Home is not yet open for third-party ad serving companies, PS3 is a great console for sports, adventure/action, and shooter games, the best genres for in-game advertising. This partnership definitely helps solve the platform fragmentation issues and makes their buy-in decisions easier. According to Justin Townsend, IGA's CEO, the company is seeing much bigger average ad-buys now, frequently in seven figures.

Rumor says that IGA Worldwide paid a handsome upfront guarantee to EA in order to strike the exclusive deal. Neither companies has confirmed that. However, if the rumor was true, the new deal with Activision probably carries similar terms.

With both EA and Activision in its backpocket, IGA will aggressively pursue other major publishers. Double Fusion, which has Ubisoft, 2K, THQ, Midway, Eidos as clients on the PC platform and a partnership with Sony for advertising on the PS3 platform, must be feeling some pressure now. Although the company has diversified into casual games and won several key clients on the PC platfrom, including NHN and NCSoft, core console games remain important. Double Fusion has to make a couple of big announcements of its own to prove it's still a viable competitor on the PS3 platform.

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