Digital Health - grab an early lead in this market!

by Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein | Mar. 31, 2011

Parks Associates analyzes the business opportunities and future potential for digital solutions in the health and wellness markets through this Digital Health service.  Parks Associates follows the digital/mobile health market throughout the year, analyzing healthcare innovations and researching the impact of technology on homecare delivery, medical professionals and consumers, payers, employers, government policies, and health service providers.

Parks Associates’ digital health technology coverage includes analysis of four major industry segments.

Digital Health Service Logo•   Telehealth (Home Health Monitoring Technology and Services): Remote monitoring of vital signs for chronic disease management through broadband and mobile technologies, usually in collaboration with care providers, device makers, software developers and telecom service providers

•   Telecare (Independent Living Technologies and Services): Assistive care services that leverage the fixed and mobile telecommunication infrastructure to help seniors live safely and healthily and allay anxiety among family members

•   Wellness & Fitness: Digital and mobile products and services that help drive preventive and self-care behaviors in fitness, diet, health screening, lifestyle improvement, etc.

•   e-Health Solutions: Broadband and mobile Internet-based applications and services for providers and consumers, including electronic medical and personal health records, e-Visits, and consumer education e-portals and communities

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