Consumers Want More Mobile Data, But Simply Don't Want to Pay

by Kaitlin Hawkins | Mar. 31, 2014

Consumers want more mobile data. The average broadband user now watches nearly 2 hours of video on their mobile phone each week, pushing monthly data plans to their limits. But, as Parks Associates mobile research shows, the top reason for not adopting a shared data plan is because they perceive the fees associated with the plans as too expensive. In fact, three of the top five reasons for not adopting a shared mobile data plan involve consumer fears over increased pricing.

In the report Optimization & Monetization of Mobile Data Traffic, Parks Associates analysts break down the key trends and consumer habits in mobile data traffic consumption throughout North America and Western Europe. The report also gives details on emerging and innovative strategies carriers can use to draw in consumers and meet their demands for increased data, while also meeting bottom lines and revenue goals.

For more information on the research in this report, click here.

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