At the Foundation of All Engagement is Technology - Insights from Deltatre

by Parks Associates | Dec. 9, 2021

Parks AssociatesFuture of Video: OTT, PayTV, and Digital Media continues on Wednesday, December 15 for the session Capturing the Consumer: Video Engagement Strategies from 11 AM to 1:15 PM CT. This session, sponsored by Deltatre, features key industry players who will address customer engagement and acquisition tactics that are emerging, as well as the impact of free trials and other shifts in how OTT services are actively engaging potential and existing customers. Prior to the session, Deltatre’s Head of Business and Revenue, Americas, Jeff Volk, provided insights on how COVID-19 has driven rapid growth in digital innovation:

What is the impact of the Pandemic on consumer viewing and your business?

At the foundation of all engagement is technology. We’ve seen the pandemic drive a rapid ascension of digital innovation. Streaming subscriptions and viewership numbers are way up, reinforcing our belief that the importance of reliable access to high quality content has never been more important. The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated changes in the industry that were already in motion. Viewing patterns and the platforms on which content is consumed have changed. We have seen media rights continue to grow. We’ve also seen significant efforts placed on supporting content around the live experiences, ranging from practices to documentaries to and behind-the-scenes coverage to wider coverage of news.

Looking to Deltatre, we have always been a global, forward-looking company. We launched and expanded relationships with both new and existing partners, including industry leaders such as Sinclair, Juventus, Major League Soccer, Rogers Sports & Media, NFL and Bundesliga.

What major changes are taking place for video distribution this year?

The evolution of content technology continues to evolve as do the demands of the Modern Fan. Now, more than ever, rights owners (e.g. leagues, teams, federations) and rights holders (e.g. broadcasters, telcos, publishers, aggregators) are focused on building a comprehensive offering that has fan engagement at its core. That’s because Users expect control over their own experience. That’s true whether they’re consuming content on television, a streaming service, website or app.

We’ve seen enhanced direct-to-consumer strategies come to the forefront, with a focus on increased personalization, data utilization and new, sophisticated technologies. A meaningful and cultivated direct-to-consumer offering not only provides direct relationships with fans, but it also serves as a powerful tool in the arsenal as organizations maximize their media values across markets.

How is the shift to online video consumption pushing traditional players to adjust strategies?

The power and possibilities surrounding the live experience continues to dominate. Working with our partners, we work hard to creatively conceive new and differentiating ways to deliver meaningful and differentiated experiences.

An ongoing influx of live media rights buyers and content aggregators in the market continue to provide both challenges and opportunities for rightsholders, broadcasters and content creators. Live sports media valuations continue to grow with streaming rights playing a more meaningful part of the mix for viewers to be able to watch without having to think about the platforms they are on. Modern fan behavior shifts put each at the forefront of technology and broadcast developments. And when it comes to successfully delivering on the live experience, there's only one chance to get it right without compromising the experience. That’s our expertise.

We deliver on the complete experience, which must prioritize – among other things – data visualization, editorial flair and curation, authentic interaction and much more. As the competition between live media rights acquirers and content aggregators continues to shift, the divide between building an owned and operated platform vs selling into a bundle will only get more complex.

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