Technology Convergence and the Smart Home

As the world moves toward singularity, the simultaneous improvement of technologies enabling the smart home is transforming products and services. This report reviews the evolution of technology across multiple dimensions, such as AI, robotics, and distributed computing, and the impact on hardware cost and software development lifecycle. It provides a vision of the future state of the smart home and outlines strategies needed to compete successfully in the long term.

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1.0      Report Summary

1.1      Purpose of Report

1.2      Key Burning Questions Addressed by this Research

1.3      Research Approach/Sources

2.0      Current State of the Smart Home

2.1      Architecture of the Smart Home

3.0      Technologies Enabling the Smart Home

3.1      Voice Control

3.2      Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

3.3      In-home Connectivity

Mesh Networks

4.0      Future State of the Smart Home

4.1      Market Evolution

4.1.1  Evolution of Voice Control

4.1.2  Evolution of AI and Machine Learning

Video Analytics

Sound Recognition

Home Automation

4.1.3  Robotics

4.1.4  Home Networks and 5G Technologies

4.1.5  Impact on Hardware Costs

4.2      Challenges and Opportunities

4.2.1  Interoperability and Standards

4.2.2  Smart Home Platforms

4.2.3  Data Privacy and Security

Blockchain as a Solution

5.0      Strategies and Business Models for the Future Smart Home

5.1      Distributed Intelligence

5.2      Standards and Open APIs

5.3      Companies Positioned for Success

6.0      Implications and Recommendations

7.0      Appendix

7.1      Glossary

7.2      Index

7.3      Image Sources

Companies Researched for Report
Smart Home Device Adoption
Average Number of Smart Home Devices Owned
Connected Living Landscape
Adoption of Smart Home Devices (2014 - 2017)
Voice-first Ecosystem
Smart Speaker Adoption (2016 - 2018)
AI Simulating Human Intelligence
Smart Home Device Purchase Intention
User Interface Evolution
Average Number of Smart Speakers Owned
Smart Speaker Penetration of U.S. Broadband Households
Important Purchase Factors for Smart Home Devices
High Familiarity with Smart Home Platforms
Impact of Security and Privacy Concerns on Purchase Intentions
Pros and Cons of Distributed Intelligence

Publish Date: 1Q 2019

Pages: 50

Authored By:
Chris O’Dell - Research Associate

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