Blockchain for Connected Home and Entertainment

This report defines blockchain as it relates to the connected consumer and explores its viability and applications with the connected home ecosystem. It explores blockchain applications for smart home and connected entertainment use cases, including data security, identity authentication, and content protections, and its potential impact on consumer confidence in the IoT. The report also profiles companies investing in blockchain technologies and developed innovative blockchain solutions.

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1.0              Report Summary

1.1              Purpose of Report

1.2              Key Burning Questions Addressed by this Research

1.3              Research Approach/Sources

2.0              What is Blockchain?

2.1              Key Characteristics of Blockchain

2.2              General Use Cases of Blockchain

2.3              Adoption and Implementation of Blockchain

2.4              Leading Blockchain Frameworks

2.5              Challenges of Implementing Blockchain

2.5.1          Scalability and Cooperation Concerns

2.5.2          Regulation and Compliance

3.0              Blockchain Opportunities in Connected Consumer Markets

3.1              Blockchain for the Smart Home

3.1.1          IoT Vulnerability and Consumer Concerns

3.1.2          Blockchain as a Solution for Data Privacy and Security

3.1.3          Implications and Recommendations

3.2              Blockchain for Digital Media Services

3.2.1          Blockchain for Online Advertising

3.2.2          Impact on Licensing and Distribution

3.2.3          Implications and Recommendations

3.3              Blockchain for Connected Health

3.3.1          Connected Health Devices and Services

3.3.2          Healthcare Fraud Prevention

3.3.3          Blockchain for Medical Records and Clinical Trials

3.3.4          Payment Reform

3.3.5          Implications and Recommendations

3.4              Blockchain in Energy

3.4.1          Improvements for Demand Response Programs

3.4.2          Peer-to-peer Energy Trading

3.4.3          Implications and Recommendations

4.0              Success Factors for Implementing Blockchain

5.0              Appendix

5.1              Glossary

5.2              Company Index

5.3              Image Sources

Companies Researched for Report
Blockchain Transaction Process
Transaction Process Using Blockchain
Consumer Blockchain Applications
Leading Blockchain Frameworks
Device Adoption in U.S. Broadband Households
Smart Home Device Ownership
Impact of Security and Privacy Concerns on Purchase Intentions
Blockchain for IoT Security
Consumer Perception of Data Protection
Global OTT Video Subscribing Households (2017-2022)
Adoption of Connected Health Devices
Use of App Types for Health Management
Value of Energy Management Features
Ownership of Smart Thermostats
Distributed Energy and EV Ownership

Publish Date: 4Q 2018

Pages: 35

Authored By:
Jennifer Kent - Director, Research Quality & Product Development
Chris O’Dell - Research Associate

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