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2017 Agenda

Wednesday, 1 NovemberCreating Superior User Experiences for the Connected Consumer


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Welcome and State of the Market

The consumer is the central factor to the mass-market success of the connected home. As the number of connected devices increases, the connected home evolves into an environment that responds to each user, interacts based on their preferences, and provides a personalized experience that reflects the values and demands of each user. Parks Associates provides an overview of the converging consumer IoT markets including the top trends impacting the connected home markets.

Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Data Analytics: Unlocking Value in the Smart Home

The smart home market is transitioning from basic connectivity, remote control, and automation, to data-enabled operational efficiencies and value-added-services. Both horizontal and vertical data analytics firms are deploying new, innovative solutions to drive the market forward. This session addresses data analytics in the smart home and the opportunities for organizational transformation and new revenue.

Dr. Chris Mitchell, CEO & Founder, Audio Analytic
Jennifer Sewell, Head of Product Marketing, mnubo
Mark Spates, Product, Google

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Keynote - Bringing Smart Home to Mass Market

Jon Carter - DT - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote Jon Carter

UK Head of Business Development - Connected Home

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote

The smart home is at a critical evolutionary point, with mass-market adoption underway and innovative business models gestating. The era of enabling genuinely transformative services around a customer’s connected life is on the cusp of being a reality.

Jon Carter of Deutsche Telekom reveals how companies in all sectors can achieve mass-market success with their smart home propositions, by tapping into business models showing the most potential across Europe.

He highlights how Deutsche Telekom’s full-service white label smart home portfolio is helping companies of all sizes extend their core business by successfully delivering unique and compelling consumer smart home propositions.

Offering more than 200 compatible devices from leading brands and covering a wide range of uses including security, energy and comfort, Deutsche Telekom’s pick-and-choose Smart Home portfolio enables partners to easily create and integrate an appealing proposition. Carter discusses the benefits of this, along with how the open ecosystem allows customers and partners to leverage existing customer and knowledge pools to deliver a fully end-to-end user experience.

He also offers insight into how the flexibility of a B2B2C framework, like Deutsche Telekom’s, ensures adaptability to new market potential and also a peek into the future, where new models such as gamification, micro-transactions, affiliate programs, and data aggregation will make considerable impact.


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Privacy and Security: Challenges and Opportunities

The growing number of connected devices in consumers’ lives can be immensely valuable, both in creating personalized experiences and in generating data that can be analyzed to provide expanded benefits. The challenges to securing the smart home create ample business opportunities across the value chain for security solution providers. Privacy and security are vital at every layer of the application stack. This session addresses the fast-moving security environment and requirements for manufacturers to provide security for connected products and home networks.

Dan Radu Berte, Director, IoT, Bitdefender
Kristian Järnefelt, Executive Vice President, F-Secure Corporation
David W. Jones, Senior Director Business Development, Irdeto
Christopher Schouten, Head of IoT Security Marketing, Kudelski Security
Nathan Taylor, EMEA - General Manager, CUJO

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


Keynote - Alexa Everywhere: Engaging Consumers

Max Amordeluso - Amazon 2017 CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

Max Amordeluso

Chief Evangelist, EU Alexa Skills Kit


Amazon - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

We are witnessing the greatest shift in consumer behavior since the move from the web experience to the ‘mobile moment,’ and it’s all around us. Reminders, music, shopping, information, smart home control, and more can now be summoned with a simple utterance, enabled by devices which don’t resemble the grey-box computer or the smartphones we’ve grown used to.

In this keynote, Max Amordeluso discusses how the Alexa community and other voice-based technologies are creating more and more delightful experiences for consumers every day, how Alexa helps people with their daily lives, and what we mean by voice technologies being truly everywhere.


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Voice: The Leading Smart Home Interface

Consumers are showing clear preferences for more intuitive and convenient ways to interact with their devices. Voice control has invigorated the CE industry and created new ways for companies to extend IoT experiences to their customers. The voice interface creates a natural gateway to smart home products, thus potentially leading to greater smart home adoption. This session looks at how companies are using voice control to generate new enthusiasm for smart home solutions and strategies to build a product ecosystem around voice.

Avi Barel, Business Development Director, ULE Alliance
Tali Chen, CVP, Corporate Development and Chief Evangelist, DSP Group
Lee Crossley, Chief Software Officer, Presciense Ltd.
Jim Hunter, Chief Scientist/Evangelist, Greenwave Systems
Yann Lechelle, COO, Snips

Moderator: Dina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst, Parks Associates


Smart Home & Interoperability: Simplifying a Complex Environment

As smart home use cases expand across Europe, companies will need to contend with an increasingly fragmented market, with multiple value propositions that could spur recurring revenue. This session examines strategies to ensure interoperability across ecosystems and current efforts, including standards, apps, and product ecosystems, to create a unified experience where multiple use cases are available to consumers.

Olivier Carmona, Director of Business Development, AwoX
Cees Links
, General Manager Wireless Connectivity, Qorvo/Zigbee Alliance
Joep van Eijden, Z-Wave Sales and Business Development, Sigma Designs
Jeff Weiner, VP, Product, Marketing and Sales, Mersoft

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


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Supporting End-to-End Consumer Experiences

A key value proposition in the smart home is a seamless user experience across multiple (and traditionally separate) product and service categories. As computing and entertainment devices for consumers approach saturation, companies need to address how technical support services can influence the adoption of devices as well as repeat purchases. This session addresses consumer needs in support services as well as other key factors impacting market adoption including channel availability and distribution.

Robert Byrne, European Business Development Manager, Trusource Labs
Daniel Moneta,  EVP Corporate Development, MMB Networks
Mark Spates, Product, Google

Moderator: Erik Overbeeke, European Partner Alliance, Parks Associates


Keynote - Reinventing the Light Bulb

George Yianni - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote - Philips

George Yianni

Head of Technology – Home Systems

Philips Lighting

Philips - CONNECTIONS Europe 2017 Keynote

A light bulb has for the last 100 years had one function—to help us to see. Smart lighting is changing this and showing the world that lighting can deliver value far beyond illumination for consumers. To continue to expand this ecosystem, we must not only create rich use cases but also forge creative partnerships and promote open APIs, to allow new offering to flourish around our core products. George Yianni, Head of Technology for Home Systems at Philips Lighting, explains the new value proposition of connected light and takes you through the growth journey of Philips Hue’s use-case ecosystem.


Smart Home Business Models: Transition to the API Economy

Connectivity enables companies to solve real customer problems using new, more frictionless approaches and, in doing so, opens the door to numerous new business models. Partnerships are often essential to creating new value and monetization strategies. This session addresses how companies can benefit by extracting ongoing value of data or device control over the lifetime of the product.

Riffat Amin, Vice President of European Operations, Prodea
Rishi Lodhia, Managing Director EMEA, Eagle Eye Networks
Bram van der Wal, Product Owner - Smart Home, Smart Energy & IoT, Essent

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


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Thursday, 2 November – Revenue Opportunities in the Expanding IoT Markets




Welcome: Exploring Paths to Market

Connected home solution providers consider a variety of options when strategically developing their paths to market. Customer segmentation, value propositions, business models, distribution channels, interoperability, and merchandising are just a few areas of consideration. This research presentation explores consumer attitudes about the connected home that inform these choices and their implications for strategic planning.

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


Channel and Ecosystem Strategies: What's Driving Smart Home Adoption

The smart home is forcing convergence of traditionally separate industries, creating opportunities for partnerships and new ways for consumers to acquire connected solutions in the home. This session addresses how CE manufacturers, security dealers, retailers, insurance companies, and energy providers are all carving out a piece of the smart home market. Speakers highlight key factors guiding consumers in the acquisition and ongoing spending decisions regarding smart home products and services as well as what channels can be leveraged to drive adoption within particular consumer segments.

Dave Boundy, Director, IOT Innovation, Intel
Matthieu de Broca, International Business Development Director, Overkiz, a subsidiary of the Somfy Group
Marco Dorjee, VP Business Development & Strategy IoT, DSR Corporation
Jason Girardier, Area Sales Manager, CONTROL4
Musa Unmehopa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Director, Zigbee Alliance; Senior Director, Standards & Regulations, Philips Lighting

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


Keynote - Moving from Device to Experience

Sudeep Maitra - Centrica keynote - CONNECTIONS Europe

Sudeep Maitra

Global VP, Strategy and Development

Centrica Connected Home

Centrica and Hive - CONNECTIONS Europe 2017 Keynote

Every smart home brand should have at its heart a desire to enable people to live their best lives. As the mainstream customer starts to become more aware of connected technology, smart home companies need to recognise that people don’t want to buy gadgets, they want to buy freedom from worry and mundane tasks. They want to buy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children made it home from school ok. They want the time and energy back that they’ve previously exerted on managing their homes.

Research shows that the average consumer is confused and unconfident when it comes to the very smart home technology that could help provide these benefits. Smart home brands need to help the customer navigate this by providing affordable, simple and flexible ‘experiences’ for specific use cases. Ultimately, only by embracing a service-led, not device-led, approach will brands be able to successfully survive and thrive as connected home technology becomes ever more competitive and commoditized.


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Platforms: Unlocking Value for the Smart Home

Consumers purchase smart home devices with a particular benefit in mind. This session examines strategies to align user experiences with expectations while extending new use cases to these product owners in order to expand the value and increase the revenues for connected IoT platforms.

Bernd Grohmann, Executive Vice President, eQ-3 AG
Josh Pederson,  Director of Product Management, Ayla Networks
Nigel Pugh, CEO, IMONT
Antti Vihavainen, Partner, Business Development, Cozify

Moderator: Erik Overbeeke, European Partner Alliance, Parks Associates


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Energy Management & IoT: Engaging Consumers

The smart home has the potential to have an immense impact on energy demand in Europe. Crossover between energy and IoT could create substantial savings for consumers and utilities as well as new revenue streams for service providers. In this session, industry experts discuss engagement strategies for energy management solutions in addition to ways to leverage the growing number of smart home and energy devices in the home.

Tom Meijeraan,  Co-founder & CPO, Triggi
Mario Moura, Vice President & General Manager - Homes EMEA, Honeywell
Guido Stein, Director Brand & Strategy, Nuon
Marcel Timmer, CPO/ COO, Quby

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Insurance and IoT: Strategies for Incoming Market Players

Safety and security use cases, popular with all consumers, have also opened the smart home ecosystems to new players from the insurance industry. This session examines crossover opportunities between insurance and IoT companies as well as current partnerships and different options, from subsidization models to discounts and cross-promotional agreements. Executives discuss the inevitable disruption of the smart home on the consumer experience and on business models in the industry.

Scott Henry, Business Development Director, HomeServe
Cecilia Sevillano, Head Smart Home Solutions, Swiss Re
Marcus Scheiber, CEO, ROC-Connect
Espen Schrøder, COO, sfty AS

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


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Smart Home and Connected Health: Personalization through IoT Innovation

Connected health and wellness features have established a prominent role on multiple IoT platforms, including the smartphone, the smart watch, and wearables. In this session, connected health executives explore the next connected innovations in the home health market, including independent living solutions that have strong crossover connections with the smart home. Speakers share strategies for providers and manufacturers to work with patients and caregivers to deliver services that truly impact care outcome.

Cornel Ciocirlan, Chief Technical Officer, EMEA, ARRIS
Raymond Crosbie, Business Development Director, Design_Partners
Jorge Perdomo, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development, MivaTek
Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence

Moderator: Dina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst, Parks Associates


Residential Safety and Security: Fulfilling Unmet Needs

IoT is a global phenomenon, and each region brings unique challenges. Home safety and security rank at the top of smart home use cases, yet adoption of security services throughout much of Europe is relatively low. This session examines the unique challenges in expanding the European smart home market and identifies new business areas where safety and security can create innovative value propositions, expand adoption, and increase revenue opportunities.

Amit Kroll, Business Development & Integration Manager EMEA, ASSA ABLOY
David Rimmer, Regional Business Development Manager – Europe, Alarm.com
Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence

Moderator: Erik Overbeeke, European Partner Alliance, Parks Associates


Converging Ecosystems: Connected Car, Entertainment, Smart Home

The smart home has crossover opportunities with multiple market categories, including health, entertainment, and the auto industry. This holistic session examines the connections between IoT industries and how smart home players can create new revenue streams through these synergies.

Charles Dawes, Sr. Director of International Marketing, TiVo
Kai Hackbarth, Evangelist, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
Iñigo Orduña, Senior UX + UI, Accedo.tv
Livia Rosu, Chief Marketing, HomeGrid Forum
Lukas Tobis, Head of Sales Western Europe, Fibaro

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


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