Consumer Strategies and Use Cases for Virtual and Augmented Reality

by Parks Associates | Dec. 2, 2016

According to Parks Associates research, 63% of U.S. broadband households are not familiar or know nothing about virtual reality (VR), leaving a wide opportunity for industry players to educate and market these new products and services.

Currently, only 3.5% of U.S. broadband households, or roughly 3.4 million households, own a VR headset. However, a new market snapshot by Parks Associates shows experience is key for wider adoption VR headsets. Consumer Strategies and Use Cases for Virtual and Augmented Reality shows that half of consumers who try a VR headset enjoy it and plan to purchase one in the future, while 15% immediately acquire one after trying the product.

The snapshot examines the potential benefits of virtual and augmented reality technologies to multiple industries. It focuses on current consumer engagement trends and strategies to boost adoption beyond the early-adopter phase. Topics for the snapshot include:

  • Consumer familiarity and comfort with VR and AR technologies
  • Key strategies to increase adoption
  • VR and AR innovations that could erase the distinction between device and content
  • Market opportunities for AR apps and live VR content
  • Use Cases for Gaming, Digital Media, Health, Life Events, Social Interaction, Marketing, and Education

The report reveals the top use cases for VR, which include gaming, healthcare, live events such as concerts or sporting events, social interaction, marketing, and education. Gaming tops the list, with Sony’s recent launch of PlayStation VR boosting consumer awareness of these products. For AR, the booming success of the Pokémon Go app this year has signaled a potential shift in content distribution.

For more information on Parks Associates research, go to To download a complimentary copy of Consumer Strategies and Use Cases for Virtual and Augmented Reality, visit

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