Connected Health Platforms - Insights by Skyresponse AB

by Parks Associates | Nov. 14, 2019

Prior to Parks Associates’ 14th-annual CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Strategies for Security and Smart HomeOskar Lampel, Partner Manager, Skyresponse AB gave his insights on connected health platforms with the firm's analyst team.

Oskar will participate on the expert panel Connected Health Platforms and Independent Living Solutions on Wednesday, 20 November at 11:15. Panelists who will join him on this session include:

  • Paul Berney, CMO, Anthropos Digital Care
  • Gweltas Radenac, IoT Program Director, Groupe HBF
  • John Valiton, Chief Executive Officer, Reemo Health

How is the role of the service provider changing in the smart home? 

One interesting area to explore and to get a better understanding of is the possibilities when combining Smart Home and Care. These markets have had remarkable growth in the last couple of years but how can society utilize these to secure the life and wellness of the elderly citizens?

I believe that there is great potential for municipalities to utilize all these technologies although, we have to understand and appreciate that we are dealing with people’s wellbeing here!

Within these solutions, it is of great importance on how to handle the critical alarms securely. Skyresponse focus on secure and reliable management of alarms to make sure that the right person receives and acts on alarms, typical solutions are alarm to relatives, within sheltered housing and to alarm centers always with a 100 % audit trail.

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